2022 IFAT

IFAT(München) Weltleitmesse für Umwelttechnologien

在2022慕尼黑国际环保展 IFAT中,因为疫情,许多中国的环保行业的从业者无法亲临参展,因此CVRU联手上海济联进行了为期5天的直播采访,其中,采访参展企业将近30家,直播累计36小时,触达市政环保行业从业者3万+,邀重磅嘉宾60+,从各个方面收到反馈私信达5万+

In 2022 many practitioners in the Chinese environmental protection industry, due to the epidemic, were unable to attend the IFAT Munich personally. Therefore CVRU and Shanghai JILIAN conducted a 5-day interview by Livestreaming. Nearly 30 exhibitors were interviewed in cumulative 36 h of live broadcasts. More than 30,000+ practitioners in the environmental protection industry have visited our activities. Over 60+ top experts were invited, and we received over than 50,000 feedbacks from all aspects.

在这五天内,各组织和公司将 和公司将就当天的不同主题接受采访,采访内容联网实时传送到中国。


  • 水和废水处理
  • 智慧管理与数字化
  • 雨洪系统管理
  • 固废处理与资源化
  • 环境与德国科教合作

During these five days, organizations and companies were interviewed on different topics of the day, and the content of the interviews was transmitted to China in real time.

The five topics are:

• Water and Wastewater Treatment

• Smart management and digitalization

• Rainwater management

• Solid waste treatment and recycling

• Cooperation with German Environment, Science and Education



精彩活动回顾 Highlights Review

参观斯图加特 Mühlhausen 污水处理厂

Visit to the Mühlhausen sewage treatment plant in Stuttgart

2023 年 5 月 6 日,春意盎然,协会组织部分成员一同参观了Stuttgart-Mühlhausen 污水处理厂,这是巴登-符腾堡州最大的污水处理厂,其处理能力达到了 120 万人口当量。每天处理来自斯图加特和邻近市镇 Esslingen、Fellbach、Korntal-Münchingen、 Kornwestheim 和 Remseck 的高达 160,000 立方米的废水,并将其净化达 98%后排放至内卡河。 


On 6 May 2023, in the springtime, the association organised a visit for some of members to the Stuttgart-Mühlhausen wastewater treatment plant, the largest in Baden-Württemberg, with a capacity of 1.2 million population equivalents. It treats up to 160,000 cubic metres of wastewater per day from Stuttgart and the neighbouring municipalities of Esslingen, Fellbach, Korntal-Münchingen, Kornwestheim and Remseck, and discharges it to the Neckar River after purifying it by up to 98%. 

精彩活动回顾  Highlights Review

2022 沙龙 - 德国污水处理厂计算系列规程使用介绍

Forum 2022 - Introduction to the use of the German wastewater treatment plant calculation series protocols

「留德华人资源与环境学会」(CVRU)联合上海市城市建设设计研究总院(集团)、上海市排水行业协会、济联环境平台共同精心策划的 “德国污水处理厂计算系列规程使用介绍”沙龙活动圆满成功!


The salon event "Introduction to the use of the German Wastewater Treatment Plant Calculation Series", jointly planned by the CVRU, Shanghai Urban Construction Design and Research Institute (Group), Shanghai Drainage Industry Association and Jilian Environmental Platform, was a great success!

The event received wide attention and praise from many professionals in the industry, with a total of over 10,000 online views and 20,000 likes!

戴晓虎 教授全程主持

Chaired by Professor Xiaohu Dai

唐建国 总工程师

Chief Engineer Tang Jianguo 


Guests listening to the report

张琨 会长

Chairman Zhang Kun 

潘伯寿 德国工学博士 

Dr. Boshou Pan

精彩活动回顾  Highlights Review

2022 年会 - 丝路文明交流·中欧共襄盛会

Annual Meeting 2022 - German-Chinese on Economy-Resources-Building-Culture-Education and Justification


On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Germany and China, and in order to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between Germany and China in the field of green and low-carbon energy, We (CVRU) is organising an annual conference in Weimar on 26 November 2022 on the theme "Opportunities and challenges in the era of carbon neutrality" in cooperation with three sister societies.


Guests listening to the report


Group photo of the participants


Tea Break Discussion

戴晓虎 教授专题报告

Professor Dai Xiaohu, Dean of the School of Environment, Tongji University, Shanghai


Simultaneous online interaction


Dinner together

精彩活动回顾  Highlights Review

2022论坛 中外雨水管理经验和挑战研讨会

Forum 2022 - Seminar on Chinese and Foreign Stromwater Management Experiences and Challenges

德国Tractebel 环境咨询公司
潘伯寿 博士

Dr. Boshou Pan, Tractebel Engineering GmbH in Germany

王文亮 教授

Professor Wenliang Wang, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture  

苏雨明 博士

Dr. Yuming Su, Senior Project Water Resources Engineer in the USA

Unitechnics 赞助企业专题报告

Unitechnics Sponsor Feature Report

HST 赞助企业专题报告

HST Sponsorship Feature Report

精彩活动回顾   Highlights Review

2021年年会 - 环境4.0

2021 Annual Meeting - Environment 4.0

2021 年会 - 环境4.0

2021 Annual Meeting - Environment 4.0

DWA Hr. Rüdiger Heidebrecht
Abteilungsleiter Bildung und Internationale Zusammenarbeit 

Head of Education and International Cooperation

Universität Kaiserslautern Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Steinmetz

精彩活动回顾  Highlights Review

2021年论坛 - 中德污水处理现状及发展前景

Forum 2021 - Current Situation and Development Prospects of Sino-German Sewage Treatment

戴晓虎 教授

Professor Dai Xiaohu, Dean of the School of Environment, Tongji University, Shanghai

张永军 教授

Professor Zhang Yongjun, School of Environment, Nanjing University of Technology

刘敏 教授

Professor Liu Min, Nanjing University of Information Technology

精彩活动回顾   Highlights Review

学会历年活动回顾   A review of the activities of the Society over the years


Academic report


Workshop about the IFAT in Munich


Inaugural meeting of the association


Academic report


Academic report


Workshop about the IFAT in Munich